One week until the release of my first book, and I’m totally freaking out! Fortunately, I’m crazy busy this week. My car is in the shop and we were so blessed to have friends who let us borrow theirs for the week. However, we are able to use it because she’s out of town this week so I’m helping out with her kids a little more than normal (I watch her boys a few mornings during the week.) We have all of our normal activities this week (soccer practice for the boys and tumble for the girl, choir practice and Wednesday night children’s group at church) but we’re also going home to VA for the weekend for my niece’s birthday. I’m excited to see our family as it’s been several months, and I think being home will take my mind off the nerves I’ll surely be feeling next weekend.

I’m going to try to start posting on here semi-regularly. Random stuff about me and my thoughts mostly with a little bit of book info twined in. If I don’t see you over here before Monday, come join me at Dreamspinner’s blog ( ) on release day!

Sending you all mooshy love!




2 thoughts on “ONE WEEK!

  1. Hello Shell
    I so enjoyed Redeeming Hope and Resurrecting Home. I was wondering if your are currently writing the next book in this series?

    All the best

    • Hi, Luisa!
      I tried to get back to you on Facebook, but I wanted to touch base here too. Reclaiming Hope is set to be released on October 14. It’s the third book in the Home for Hope series and is focused on Kollin this time. I absolutely love this book, and my team tells me it’s the best one yet, so I hope you enjoy it as much as the others!

      I have the cover ready to show everyone too… probably Saturday as I have some other stuff going on today and tomorrow. Thanks so much for the love!

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