Dem Pride


How proud am I to be a Democrat after all of these amazing speeches at the DNC this week?


Michelle Obama slayed as usual, Cory Booker had me waving my hands in  the air, Bloomberg burned Trump up one side and down the other, Tim Kaine has clearly already started taking cool dad lessons from Uncle Joe, and our phenomenal president blew me away with his heartfelt and moving speech… again.



It’s been a rough summer in some ways… this election has my anxiety skyrocketing because the thought of a Trump presidency is terrifying. Many of my friends are republican leaning, so they either support Trump or a third party…. they all agree that they hate Hillary. Seeing their scathing posts about a party and morals and ideas and opinions that I agree with and a nominee that I respect is tough. Is there something wrong with me? Do I not know all the facts? I thought Christians, my religion that I love and that has shaped my life in such a positive and loving way, were supposed to show love and be welcoming and that seems to be what the Democratic party is about so what am I missing here?

But guess what? After this week, IDGAF! Hillary’s accomplishments, expertise, compassion, and knowledge are far and beyond the other candidates. I’m proud to support marriage equality and the right for women to make their own choices regarding their bodies. I love that we are diverse and that we never stop trying to find a solution to complex problems, that we don’t discriminate for any reason.

And I mean really… how could you not get emotional over this…



I want to cry just thinking about how important this picture is. How historic it is. AND WE GET TO MAKE IT HAPPEN! WE GET TO BE THE REASON that 100 years from now people look back and say, “Not only did they vote in the first African American president AND the first woman president, but those POTUS’ were two of the greatest in the history of America.” WE GET TO DO THAT!

Anyway, that’s my shtick. For those of you only here for my books, I’ll post my cover reveal for Reclaiming Hope in a day or two. I’ve kept my kids busy all summer, so I haven’t had much time for anything else. I think I’ve written a total of 2500 words since June. *sobs* But once the kids are in school (my youngest two are starting Kindergarten!) I’ll be back to the grind and hopefully can finish the two WIPs I have going pretty quickly.





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