No one asked me, but…

I’m (briefly) weighing in on the issue of deception floating around the M/M genre lately (or for a while now, I guess).

I value honesty and genuineness more than any other traits probably. There’s none I can think of above those at the moment anyway. I also forgive pretty easily, but once someone deceives you, it’s hard to go back to normal, you know? Just like once you squeeze too much toothpaste out of the tube, you can’t shove it all back in. It’s out there, forever changed.

I’m sure these individuals had their reasons, some of them may even have good ones, but that doesn’t erase the hurt or betrayal the rest of us feel when we realize we’ve been been duped. People should be held accountable for their mistakes, and though it’s probably best not to throw around harsh words left and right, it’s okay to be hurt and share that feeling.

I’ve not been super close to any of the recent “coming out” posers, and for that I’m thankful. But my heart goes out to those who were and to those who have lost a friend or someone they looked up to.

Though I’m pretty open about myself, I don’t share my real  name with many people to keep my professional and personal life separate. It’s all about a comfort level with me and nothing more.  I don’t make things up about myself, and if I did, they’d be a hell of a lot more interesting than my kids driving me bananas.

I’m fully aware anyone who researches hard enough can find me, but I’d hope most would respect my privacy as I do theirs. I’ve met lots of people in the twi-fandom (where I first began writing) and if I ever work up the nerve, I hope to come to one or more of the writing cons around the country to meet more of you guys.

Maybe that wasn’t so brief after all… Hope everyone has a great week ❤


Cover Reveal

Per usual I’m so late doing my promo duties! I’m so, so in love with this gorgeous cover L.C. Chase created for Resurrecting Hope, which officially releases on Christmas Day!! *internal squeeing*



Amazing, yes? Yes! She ever so beautifully captured two moments in the book perfectly!

If you’re so inclined, you’re able to pre-order from Dreamspinner!

Resurrecting Hope

I hope all of my American friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving and everyone else enjoyed the end of their week! My life slowly returns to a more manageable pace this week, so I hope to be present more!

*mooshy hugs all around*



Disappointment, NaNo, and things

On Saturday, I officially decided to stop NaNo.

Though I was right on target or even a little ahead for my daily word count until then, I felt NaNo was no longer productive for my WIP. I probably could’ve written Resurrecting Hope during NaNo. Their story poured out of me effortlessly. This one… not so much. I’m at the point where I’m rushing to write each day just to meet a word count. I’m not so sure these guys are going where I want them to go, and I’m quite sure the writing is suffering. Meeting a 50K word count for November wouldn’t benefit me if I end up deleting half of it, so I took a couple days off to recharge. I’m rereading everything to see what’s staying and what’s not, and then I’ll go back in and try to knock out the rest of the writing.

I knew all along winning NaNo wouldn’t really be possible for me as the last week of November is crazy busy for my family and I’d have no time to write. I’m so glad I did this though and if the stars align will certainly do it again next year.

On a completely different but somehow related topic… my few days of recharging has actually been a bit draining.  I feel as though my Facebook timeline is having it’s own WW3. It’s not unusual to have friends who are on polar opposite sides of an idea/situation/conflict, but the callousness, hatred, bitterness, political agenda pushing, blaming, sarcasm, etc feels so out of place to me this time. I understand everyone has different opinions and I embrace those differences, but I’m disappointed in the lack of compassion and empathy for so many groups.

It’s my nature to see the bright side of things. I honestly cannot control it and I drive my husband bat-shit crazy by constantly pointing out the good in every bad situation. It’s hard this time. The massive outcry of support for the victims of the attack in Paris was a start, but I already see people making fun of others for changing their avis, others claiming we have no idea what we’re actually supporting, name calling, religion blaming….

I’m at a point that reminds me of a breakup I went through in college. It was totally one-sided. The guy broke up with me out of the blue and that was it. No talking it through or seeing if we could work through problems. I was devastated and there was absolutely nothing I could do to change it. Most of us have probably been there.

That’s how I feel right now. I could splatter as many posts as I want about the world needing to have a little more kindness and compassion and love for one another and I feel like it won’t make a bit of difference. And I’m not talking about with the extremists. I’m talking about all of us “regular” folks who make it impossible to get anything done because everyone wants to talk and no one wants to listen. The second someone disagrees with an idea or belief we have, we close off and refuse to listen. Yet there’s so much beauty and strength in someone who’s willing to listen, have an open mind, and see a different side of things.

So I pray for the citizens of Paris, and the Syrian refugees, and the victims of the bombings in Baghdad and Beirut and every other Middle Eastern country that didn’t make a huge splash in the news. I pray for our leaders and the leaders of other countries, that they find ways to work together for the common good and protection of their citizens. I pray for each of us to show love and compassion and kindness, even when we want to rage against the world. I pray we open our hearts and see the person behind the religion, the person behind the gender, the person behind the race, the person behind the orientation, and that we love those persons regardless of whether or not we like them or agree with them. I pray that we don’t let ISIL win by provoking us to spread hatred, and that we instead treat one another with respect and love one another.

That’s it. That’s everything. Sending mooshy love your way. ❤



Oy… I’m starting to hate those 9 letters!

So – my very first book came out on October 5. I had no idea what to expect in terms of… anything. Sales, reviews, support, nerves… parts of it were better than I imagined and parts were a bit of a let down. Since starting NaNoWriMo, my world has been consumed with familial obligations and writing for NaNo. I have tunnel vision and if something doesn’t fall into one of those categories, I don’t see it. It’s the only way I can cope with the aggressive writing challenge and maintain my sanity. (Seriously, I’m in awe of people who can do this often and live a normal life!)

But… I would be totally remiss to not give a generic shout out to everyone who has supported Redeeming Hope over the past several weeks. I just hopped on Amazon to check out the reviews (Goodreads still scares me!) and I wanted to cry. I’m a horrible reviewer and usually end up leaving a sentence or two that I never think accurately reflects how I feel about a book. There were several reviews on Amazon I hadn’t seen yet that were so thoughtful and complete and perfect, and to know that someone read my words and “got” them… well, that’s one of those moments that far exceeds my expectations.

So from the bottom of my heart…

Mooshy hugs all around!

Now… back to the cave.writing cave



Writing Woes

As I stated in my last post (just a few hours ago), I’m participating in NaNoWriMo. For anyone not familiar, this is a challenge to write a novel (or at least 50K of it) during the month of November. It’s not likely I’ll ‘win’ as I just have far too many other obligations to write that quickly, but I’m viewing it as an exercise in pushing myself to get the words out.

This book I’m working on now, Home for Hope book 3, is really testing me. I’ve been writing Elijah and Adam for two years, but I’ve been excited about writing Kollin’s and Riley’s story for about a year and a half of that time. I think it’s kind of like all the times someone has built up a movie or TV show or certain food or restaurant for so long that when I finally get to it, no matter how delicious or amazing or funny it is, it’ll never be as good as I expect.


There are so many pieces to Kollin’s and Riley’s story that I think I’m going to end up writing a massive and random story and then going back once I’m finished to cut huge sections out while I sob over the never to be read words. I’ve never written like this before. It’s a new experience for me and part of me wonders if I weren’t pushing to get 50K out this month, would I manage to find the time to whittle away exactly what I want before I write it? Probably not. I’ve never been a plotter. I was a pantser long before I even knew the term existed and no amount of time spent on an outline will change that I don’t know what my characters are going to do in a scene until I start writing it.

I’ll return back to my doc now and do my best to get these boys to stay on one path. And if I can’t, I guess I’ll spend all of December editing. Happy Monday, guys! ❤


Just a quick check-in to let everyone know I’m doing NaNoWriMo! I’m excited and nervous, but even if I don’t make the 50K, I know I’ll be significantly closer to finishing the third book of Home for Hope by the end of the month than I am now.

If you don’t see me around much, it’s because I’m hiding in my word doc!



The night before…

My first release day is tomorrow. I have no idea what to expect. I half-think tomorrow will be like any other day except I’ll be a frenzied mess for no reason and will hopefully have to reply to some comments on Dreamspinner Press’ blog (I’ll have a post there tomorrow!) It’s exciting though. Like many authors, this is something I’ve been working toward for a long time, and something I still find hard to believe.


I wanted to take a minute tonight and say thank you. There are so many people who have encouraged me, and I promise there’s no way in the world I would’ve taken this step without that encouragement. Even if I never publish anything outside of this series, I’ve still accomplished something huge, and every review, critique, kind word, “can’t wait for what’s next,” and “people will want to hear this story” pushed me toward this.

thank you

My heart is full tonight. To the people who have been with me since the beginning, to the ones who were there at the beginning but no longer are, to my newer friends, to Dreamspinner Press, and to the friends whom I’ve yet to meet… I offer my deepest, heartfelt gratitude.